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Yelp for Tourism

UX/UI Design


I was challenged to redesign Yelp for a different use case than originally intended, so I decided to focus on the needs of people planning trips to new and unfamiliar places. This project was a part of Topics: Web/Mobile taught by Allan Yu and Lydia White at Parsons School of Design.


Fall 2019

4 Weeks


Individual Project


UX/UI Designer


Yelp currently targets a large demographic, with a focus on the local demographic, with features such as delivery. It also promotes utility businesses, which is unnecessary information for a tourist.

User Needs

• Trip planning in one app

• Help finding things to do in an unknown city


Trip Planning

Users input details about their trip, such as hotel location and what they want to do, and the app recommends activities. Users can browse through recommended activities or search for activities. 

Creating an Itinerary

On the activities page, there is information about the attraction and reviews from other users. Users can then add activities to their itinerary, where they select the day and time they want to go to that place. When it is the day of the activity, users are given directions on how to get to the location. Users are not prompted to add reviews until after the time of the activity has passed.

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